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The MetroDBITan student series: Issue #035 - Shevonne Yap

Hello DBIT peeps!

This is a stressful week for many of you since we are right in the smack of the exam period, but take heart, persevere through these couple of weeks and you can look forward to a long stretch of 6 weeks vacation! :)

Our pretty cover model for this month, DBIT Year 1 student Shevonne Yap has two tests to sit this week, but nonetheless, she took time off for me to interview her.  Thanks Shevonne! :)  Through the interview, she shared many interesting snippets and photos of herself, all of which you can view below! :)

So study hard people, and wishing you all the best in your results this semester! :)

Shevonne, can you tell us more about yourself
from childhood until today please?


During my childhood days, I will have mini photo-shoots every day at home.  My mum would always take the effort of dressing me up as a cute little girl and take pictures of my growth every day.

It is very funny and memorable when I look back at these pictures now. I still remember how uncomfortable it felt to wear some of the dresses as I preferred wearing shorts and shirts instead. The pictures which I have attached below are some of the pictures which my mum had taken for me when I was young.

One year old
One year old

2 years old

Primary School
I was from Jurong West Primary School where I was taught by many wonderful teachers and surrounded by many awesome friends.

To begin with, my CCA in primary school was Netball. I began to love playing outdoor sports since I was in primary school and that explains why I have dark and tanned skin tone. I enjoy playing Netball as it requires teamwork and I have learnt many types of techniques such as chest pass, overhead pass and more. Most importantly, I have met a bunch of fun people along the way and we worked together as a team.

My favorite subject back then was Mathematics. I think it is quite surprising that I loved Math when I was young. I showed lots of interest in Math as it seemed to be an easy subject for me to score. I will always do very well in it without fail. I remember that my Math teacher would request me to solve the more challenging type of questions during lesson time when no one knew how to solve it. Also, I would be excited to take my Math exam, as when I did well in the subject, my parents would reward me with additional pocket money the next day.

Secondary school

I was from Fuhua Secondary School.

My CCA during secondary school days is Badminton. I had a hard time learning this sport as I just could not get the hang of it or to make improvements. Badminton training sessions were conducted three times per week and every session of physical training was really tough. After every physical training session, my body would always be so sore that I had difficulty in walking or sitting down. Luckily, I  had really nice Badminton mates and we endured all hardships together. We got bonded very soon through each training session and we sweated and strived together. I am glad that I had them with me during those tough times.

Share your likes and dislikes

My favorite hobby is jogging long distance even though I am too busy for it since the start of Polytechnic life. I have a passion in jogging as I feel that jogging allows me to relax.  Also, it also help me sort out my thoughts when I feel vexed. Not only that, I like to challenge myself in jogging many kilometers and after the whole process I will have the sense of satisfaction. At the same time, I can train my stamina for other sports which I am into too.

Some of the medals won by Shevonne
for her cross-country competitions

I enjoy jogging and I sometimes even participated in long distance events and school sports heat too. Just last year, I participated in our school cross country event which I am required to run 6km. It was a very great experience as I had the chance to train my stamina with my fellow friends. It was nice to see all of them working hard and the best thing is that I was able to jog more often during that period of time.

I also participated in the Jurong Lake Run too last year. It was a fun event and I am glad that I managed to complete the 6km run. Even though it is not that far but I am quite satisfied that I managed to complete it.

My dislikes would be insects. I find them very scary even though they might be small. It is quite disgusting when an ant crawls onto my hand. I get that tingling and uncomfortable feeling when they are near me. What I fear most are those insects which can fly. I do not know when they will fly and land onto my nose or my head. They are so unpredictable that is why I am afraid of them.

Share an event which is memorable to you

One of the most memorable moments for me is a happy event.

Just last year, I got to celebrate my sweet 16th birthday. My parents allowed me to book a chalet and invite all my friends, relatives to help me celebrate on this special day for me.

I am very thankful towards my parents as they paid for everything and even bought me a super huge birthday cake which I wanted.

It is a memorable event where I got all my loved ones and friends to be with me on this special day. Also, it was super fun and memorable as I  had the chance to have a first stay-over with my friends. We spent the night chatting, playing games. The whole night was filled with laughter and yes this event would leave indelible memories in my mind.

Are you currently attached?

Yes I am attached, I have a boyfriend from SP who is in the same course as me.

He is very romantic and surprises me with sweets and chocolates occasionally by placing it in a locker that we share in school. Sometimes, he would ask me to help him take his things out from the locker, and to my surprise, I would discover a note that was left by him there once I opened the locker. Although they are small gifts, every time I receive one from him, it will inevitably brighten up my day!

Another fun experience we had together is the day that we spent to cook both lunch and dinner together for each other. It was a really nice and great experience to be able to cook with him. In the process, we really had lots of fun as I got to see his “afraid” expression while he was cooking with oil. It might not have been the best meal I had but it is definitely something that I would never forget.

Describe yourself with four different words

Four words that I would use to describe myself are:

  • Confident
  • Cheerful
  • Procrastinator
  • Lazy
I always procrastinate when comes to do work. I sometimes set a timeline for myself and will have a list of task to do before a dateline. However, I am not a person who will follow the timeline which I set for myself as I always procrastinate. Piling more and work day by day. When it comes to a dateline of the project, I will have to rush it all out. I know it is a bad habit but I just cannot help it.

Share three of your favorite clothes!

Maxi dress

I love this maxi dress as this is the first long dress I bought. I have always wanted to try maxi dress even though that most people will feel that this type of long dress should only be worn by slim and tall girls. However, I wanted to try it. I purchased this dress via an online blog shop on Facebook named ‘Yixuan’. I really like this outfit as it is comfortable and casual to be worn out in the tropical weather in Singapore.

White babydoll dress

I like this white baby doll dress as it gives out the girly and sporty feeling when I pair with a sneakers. This sneakers add on a touch of sporty and casual feeling to my outfit. I really like the whole combination of it as it suits my personality since I am not the type of girl who likes to dress in a feminine style.  In addition, this dress fits petite size girl like me and the length of it was just right for me. All in all, I like this whole outfit.
I got this dress via the online blog shop ‘Yixuan' too!

Chelsea jersey

This outfit consists of shades of blue and it gives out a really sporty feeling. I am in love with this Chelsea jersey even though I am not a fan of Chelsea. I find that this jersey design is the nicest and stands out from the rest of jerseys which I saw. Besides, I can be rough and active at times. Therefore, this whole outfit can allow me to have big movements and not be restricted with those other tight outfit. Thus, I like this outfit as I am able to wear it on any casual days.  I got this jersey from ‘Adidas’ shop at Paragon.

Since August is the month of Singapore's National Day, can you share your most memorable National Day so far?

My most memorable National Day is the time when I was 11½ years old.

During that year, I had the chance to attend the rehearsal of National Day, and it was the first time I saw the actual sight of the whole parade. The place was a sea of red and filled with energy. It was really heartwarming to see Singaporeans came down and support Singapore as one.

Also, the whole parade was really interesting and amazing. I really enjoyed the part where there were airplane jets flying around the sky. They were really in line with one another and I was surprised and wondered how did they even did that.

Of course, the accompaniment of my good friends really added on to my happiness. It felt really awesome to watch this whole parade together as we would cheer and applaud loudly together.

At the end of the parade, there was the beautiful fireworks up in the sky. The sight was breath-taking and it was the best National Day I ever had.

Who are three people that you want to thank or shout out to:

I want to thank my mummy for always being there for me.

Shevonne and her mummy

Here is a shout out to my #teamhardcore member.

You guys are so awesome and funny people to work with. Thanks for working with me as a team for the past 4 months! SARANGHEYO <3

Team hardcore

Lastly, a shout out to Jun Sheng from DBIT too!

You’re my eye candy! Thanks for making my life in poly so much fun and interesting.  <3

Junsheng and Shevonne

Have you travelled anywhere before? If so, which countries have you been? 

Yes I travelled before. I have been to Malaysia, Bali, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Australia and more.

The country I love the most is Korea. I love the whole environment, their fashion and the food they served at there. The food served there was what I was looking for the whole time. It was super delicious and tempting. Every single meal was always up to my expectation and I miss the authentic taste of Korea food.

I really love the side dishes which they served, kimchi etc. Also, the pork belly is a must eat food in Korea and it taste extremely delicious when it is piping hot.


Tteokbokki is a popular Korean snack food made from soft rice cake. It is really spicy and hot which is quite different from what I taste in Singapore.


Also, it is really fun and interesting to visit the Teddy Museum. It has a lot of teddy bears which you can take picture with. I feel excited when I went to visit it as it is a place where you can different types of teddy bears which you have never seen before. Some of the teddy bears are so huge that I have a hard time climbing on top of them to take a picture.

Teddy Museum

I managed to learn how to cook Korea pancake during the trip at there. The taste of the pancake was really tasty and yummy.

Cook Korean pancake

The scenery in Korea was really beautiful. It was pure white and snowy. This is something you would not be able to see in Singapore.

Overall, I had lots of fun and memories to remember in Korea.

Why did you choose DBIT course? 

DBIT course was not my first choice at first but my fifth choice. I choose it as it is a course whereby I was able to enter in with the points which I scored for O levels. It is a course where I can acquire some business knowledge with the points I have obtained.

Even though it is not my first choice, I am glad that I have entered it.

During the past four months, I have acquired many IT skills which I have never learnt before. I gradually showed interest in this course and I hope that the skills which I learn in this course can be put to good use someday when I have my own business. Lastly, I have to say that I am thankful that I was given a chance to enter as this course.

What do you plan to do after graduation from SP?

I plan to go for further studies after I graduate.

However, at this point of time I have not decided which course or university I will go to. For now, what I will do is to do my best in getting a good GPA value which will allow me to proceed on to University and enter a course which I want in the future.

What are your favourite modules in SP? Why?

My favorite module in SP is Web Client Development (WCD).

This module teaches us how to code HTML websites and using JavaScript too. It is something that I have never learnt before and find it interesting. I have never thought that I will be learning IT stuff before I entered this course.

To learn something which is totally new is quite tough at first. However, along the way with the guidance of my teachers and classmates I managed to cope well with this module.

I love how I am able to design a website which I want, and really code it out using my own ability. I always get that satisfaction when I am able to code out what I want that is why I enjoyed this module a lot.

Lastly, Ms Janny is one of the reasons that I liked this module too.  She is very friendly and cheerful during lesson time and this perks my interest for this module.

Where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years time?

I hope to see myself opening a shop which sells clothes that is designed by me and have my own brand.

I hope that it is successful in social media websites. I want people to know my shop and store through Facebook/Twitter/Instagram like some of the blogshops these days now. I hope that it will be very popular among teenagers to young adults as well as having a stable income.

This will allow me to fulfil my dream which is to travel around the world and broaden my knowledge along the way!

Do you have a CCA in SP?

Yes I  have joined a few CCAs in SP.

One of my CCAs is being a subcommittee member in DMIT club.

Another one of my CCAs is Wing Chun. This is an interesting CCA as I got to learn many defending and attacking moves through lessons led by our master. It is a CCA where strength or stamina isn’t needed because what we learn there is about dodging and following up which is like directing the energy flow. During training, while practicing I would accidentally hit my boyfriend in the face as he is my practice partner and it would be really funny at times!

Do you have best / good friends in SP? 
Yes, I have best friends in SP. They are a very fun loving bunch of friends which I have.

I classify them as my best friends because we are able to communicate smoothly and understand each other and that they always accommodate me. For example, they will accompany me to have a meal and even help me out with my work whenever I encounter problems doing my school work.

They never reject me and always make me laugh, I can mingle around with them comfortably as though we are a family and spill out my sadness or problems to them.

I do not feel lonely or left out with them as they are a really caring and cheerful group of friends.

Please share 3 pictures of your past projects / assignments 

(Web Client Development Project: Personal Website)

(Digital Media Business Project: Product Highlight Poster)

(Social Media Marketing Project: Poster created for client, Coffee Hive)

And here's more photos of Shevonne! :)

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AY1415s1 DBIT Final Year Projects (FYP) Showcase

After 4 months of hard work and stress, our Year 3 DBIT students can finally heave a sigh of relief as they have just concluded their Final Year Projects yesterday (15 Aug 2014).

A total of 16 groups exhibited their projects in two rooms, T2136 and T2137, in various creative ways.

For example, Group 3B94, an all-girls consortium led by leader Low Zhi Xian  made their own "banner" to stand out.

DIY 'Banner' made by the girls from 3B94 and hung at their booth
From left: Zhixian, Jia Jie, Yi Qian, Vivien and Christina

Group 3B81 headed by leader Tabitha Tan, grabbed attention with a standing LCD TV. The TV was used to display the real-time comments that were created as the group members demonstrated their project to their visitors.

Booth setup by group 3B81 members
Tabitha, Ashley, Yuanrong and Weixuan
What was surprising was that even the all-guys group like 3B85,  put much thought into the way they wanted their booth to look. Mustaqim, the group leader, together with his other members chose to decorate their booth with artifacts like toy aeroplanes and a shield. The artifacts serve to remind visitors that the group has developed a useful app to benefit the travel insurance industry.

Mustaqim's group cheerfully posing with their booth exhibits
Their client, Mr Rio (first from left) also came to support them.

Group 3B90 consisting of group leader, Cedric Ng and group members, Sylvia, Xuan Yi, Zheng An and Jeric came up with a rather unique way to present their project.  While most of the other groups had one or at most two laptops placed at their booths to demonstrate the application they had developed, this group had 5 laptops!  Why so many laptops you ask? Their project is a web application which allows their client to implement a simple ticketing system for their volunteers who help to write letters to help the community.  The group wanted to show that there are 5 primary log-in types who would use the system. Hence, they designated a laptop for each log-in type to clearly show the difference.  A pretty good idea I must say!

Four of the log-in types of the app from left:
Story Writer, Manager, Letter Writer, Deputy
Another role, Counter Admin is not visible in this photo

3B87 group leader, Sally Chin with her group members displayed a T-shirt, attractive posters with a red and white theme to match the theme of their project, "Heartlands", which is a website that users can upload their own designs of Singapore neighbourhood and tell their 'stories' behind their designs.

3B87's eye-catching booth which
displayed artifacts that reminds one
of Singapore's friendly Heartlands

Want more photos of this event? Check out our Facebook Album at this link!

Click on the picture to view the Facebook Album

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The MetroDBITan student series: Issue #034 - Elliot Chu

Yo folks!

I do apologise for the lack of activity on our blog this month as I have been very sickly for the last few weeks.  Health is getting better now, so I hope I can be more active again and share with you more updates about the happenings in the DBIT course and have more features on our lovely DBIT students :)

To start off the wave of updates to come, I have interviewed our Year 1 student, Elliot Chu!

When I first approached Elliot for the interview, he was surprised and asked me, "Why did you decide to feature me, Ms Dora?".  If you have the same question on your mind, here's the answer.  I chose to feature him because I want to share with you some good news about him. Elliot has made our DBIT course and his parents very proud by being awarded with the IDA Integrated Infocomm Scholarship (IIS)! Congrats Elliot on your achievement! :)

Besides doing himself, his parents and us proud, Ellio has definitely brought much pride to his alma mater as well. Elliot is an alumni from Holy Innocents.  In fact, he spent a total of 10 years with Holy Innocents as his primary school is Holy Innocents Primary School while his secondary school is Holy Innocents High!

How was his Primary School days like?

Elliot recalls that his days in  Holy Innocents’ Primary School was very smooth sailing as he did well in his studies then.  Well, almost all.  His only concern then was Chinese Language, as his results for the subject were below average.

Badminton was one of his favorite sports back then. He often stayed back to play badminton with a small clique of 4 other friends who also enjoyed the game like him.

For CCA, he joined surprise, the IT Club! His duties include setting up the National Anthem and School Song for morning assemblies and handling IT related matters during school events. The club also taught him simple robotics and he was about Primary 5 when he started participating in various competitions.

How was his Secondary School days like?

Elliot shared that his secondary school life was one of the toughest times of his life. For the first two years, he was a “Follow the Flow” type of person. Having passing grades were of no concern to him and he only tried when he had no choice but to do so.

However, towards the start of his third year, things started to look gloomy for him.  Separated from his Secondary 1 and 2 classmates and put into a new class, he had to make new friends.  He was one of the worst performing students in his class.  He could hardly absorb what was taught in class, and did not bother to study or prepare for lessons.  He often relied on his classmates sitting beside him to help him with his schoolwork.

Fortunately, Elliot had teachers who were very passionate and never gave up on him.  His teachers got him to stay back in school for remedial lessons. Slowly, he started to show signs of improvements which made him feel good.  His friends and teachers gave him constant encouragement, and by the time he was due to take the GCE O Level exams, his grades had improved to a level that was above average!

In fact, he did very well for his 'O' level exams. Not only did he qualify to get into SP with his good results, he also managed to secure a scholarship -- the prestigious IIS (Integrated Infocomm Scholarship) awarded by IDA.

Why did he choose the Diploma in Business Information Technology course?

Here's Elliot's answer:

"Most people would say it's because it has both Business and IT in it.  This answer is very similar to mine. However, I want to add that I joined because I want to learn more about how IT can help a business as it is now a growing trend for most businesses. I want to be well-versed in this field so that I can step into the working world well-prepared."

How did he feel when he knew he was awarded the IDA scholarship?

"Elated. I never expected that I would be able to secure the scholarship as I did not get perfect grades. The whole process of applying, being shortlisted and going for the interviews for this scholarship was definitely an eye opener for me, even if I was not awarded, or so I thought. Being awarded the IIS Scholarship made me feel like I have chalked up some sort of achievement."

What are his likes?

One of Elliot's hobbies is to collect soft toys. He has all kinds of soft toys, below is a photo of some of them!

He also enjoys watching detective movies as he finds it very thrilling to see how a criminal first manages to escape and then finally get caught with the brilliant investigative work done by the detective.

What are his plans after he graduates from SP?

Elliot had this to say

"National Service. Guys can’t escape this conscription, so after SP would definitely be NS."

"However, I plan to take on some part-time work before I am enlisted into NS. I would want to also grab the opportunity to hang out as much as my friends then, as I anticipate I would have lesser chances to do so after that."

What is his ambition in life?

Elliot admitted this is a tough question for him at this moment as he does not have a definite answer in his mind now. However, he does know that he would like to put the knowledge he will be gaining throughout the three years in SP to work.  So he would like to be working in careers that will allow him to apply this knowledge.

Which person(s) in IT Industry does he respect the most?

"Definitely the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin!"

"Google has become an important part of our lives. To search, find or explore something, we all Google it. So how can I not highly respect these two individuals who made our lives much simpler and convenient?"

What are the IT professions he would like to work in?
To my pleasant surprise, Elliot gave an affirmative answer to this question which often stump students of his age.  He shared that he would like to work in the area of Business Analytics.

Elliot feels that Business Analytics professionals are important assets to any company.  Business Analytics Professionals play an important role in a business's decision-making process and they are trained to help to analyse digital data related to the company and make recommendations to the company on how they can improve in areas such as their sales, operations or reputation. He feels that this job of studying data, and creating useful outputs out of the data analysis that can help a business thrive in the competitive environment, is a very thrilling one.

How would he describe himself in four simple words?
Elliot thinks that these four words are a good representation of what he is:
  • Understanding
  • Cheerful
  • Procrastinator
  • Shy
Elliot admits that he tends to avoid starting and holding conversations with people he does not know, as he finds it quite awkward. When he is with his friend who is with another friend, he tends to stand back and let them talk. However, he does hope that he can slowly overcome his shyness and become more open to making new friends and taking more initiatives in talking to others who are new to him.

What are some things that inspire or fascinate him?

Elliot shares that he is fascinated and inspired by three things:

  • Money
  • Computers
  • Google
Source of image

Money is a mysterious thing which constantly baffles him.  He muses over why two things that are both made of the same material have totally different valuations by people:  A polymer dollar note versus a plastic bag from the supermarket for instance.  The first plastic is highly treasured by people around the world and can be used to exchange for valuable goods.  The second one has little 'status' and often gets discarded away.

He also ponders how a small piece of plastic is now able to control the lives of so many.

"Money inspires me in the most funny ways and reminds me that any small thing may amount to something big!"

The power of computers is constant source of fascination for Elliot.

Elliot shares how he is awed by the ability of computers to make tasks so much easier for people.

"In the past, records were kept in physical file folders.  Now, people store their files in cloud storage or portable devices like SD-cards or thumb-drives without having to lug around the information they need in bulky and weighty file folders."

"I am also glad that we don't have to write our reports with pen and paper nowadays! Preparing documents on the computer is so easy because we can make unlimited edits no matter how many mistakes we make. In the past, we would have to make many messy cancellations on the paper whenever we write something wrongly."

Finally, he is really thankful for the invention of search engines like Google. With Google, he can search for anything to get immediate answers

"I am really impressed by the work culture in Google.  How many companies provide slides in the office for their employees to relax!  To me, Google is not a workplace but a gathering of creative people putting things together and produce amazing products."

What is one memorable experience of an overseas trip he has been before?

"One memorable experience for me would be my trip to North America.  I went to both Canada and USA but I prefer Canada over the States.  The weather in Canada was very pleasant compared to Singapore where the heat can kill.  Also, the people in Canada are very friendly and one can expect excellent service in any of their restaurants. The waiters are very attentive to the customers' every need. I find that they really care for the customers and would go the extra mile just to give the customers a good time."

Some photos of him on his overseas trip are here below!

What are his favorite modules in SP so far?

Elliot shares that in this semester, he enjoys Web Client Development the most.  Other modules which he likes are Accounting and Social Media Marketing.

Web Client Development is a very enjoyable module for him as it involves the designing of websites which he finds very fun. Elliot shares that after taking this module, he can better appreciate the hard work that web designers go through in order to create their websites. The module also taught him coding which he had never learnt before.  As a result, he can relate to some of the programming jokes online! ;)

He treasures the opportunity to be able to take Accounting in this hybrid course. If he would to take a pure IT course, he would not have the chance to be able to study Accounting which is one of the fundamental modules in any Business course. That will allow him to have the option to choose either an IT course or a Business course when he pursues university studies in future.

Social Media Marketing was an eye-opener for him because he had the opportunity to run a social media marketing campaign with a real company as well as the opportunity to do research into case-studies of the Facebook Pages of real-life companies to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.  Not many 16 or 17 years olds get to go through this kind of challenging but fun experience!

What are one important tip that he would like to share with students who are thinking of joining a polytechnic course?

Here's his advice:

"Learn how to manage your time!"

"In poly, time management is very important as there is many projects and assignments to hand up."

"Thus, finding the time for everything, including rest and personal time is of great importance, otherwise the stress might affect your health".

"The other tip I have, would be to have trust in your capabilities and keep trying things that you are afraid of!"

What does he enjoy about SP most?

"Definitely, the friends I made there! They are really great friends, helping one another in need without hesitation. Also they do take the trouble to ask or hear you out if having any problems. They do not judge one another and there is no special treatment given. Except if they are playing around!"

Elliot feels that his happiest moments are those times when he is with his classmates as he feels that they are truly great and helpful people, not to mention fun-loving too!

Is he currently attached? What sort of partner would he like to be with?
No. Someone fun to be with who would joke with me all day!

More photos of Elliot here!